OpenOps brings together the principles of open-source software development (transparency, collaboration, meritocracy and freedom), sound communications and technology to improve how organizations work. OpenOps organizations recognize the need to share information and understand its power to drive innovation. Successful OpenOps enables better communications, whether it’s between developers and operations teams (DevOps), senior leaders and staff, the organization and its customers, or the organization and its partners. The result of successful OpenOps is better, more innovative operations — at any level.

Hallmarks of OpenOps organizations:

  • Even the simplest efforts become greater than the sum of their parts
  • People don’t just get by, but succeed
  • Leaders address problems and never let them linger
  • Everyone gives and shares credit. Often.
  • Leaders and staff completely honest, but don’t hold grudges
  • Everyone fosters trust through actions and words
  • Low tolerance for excuses and those who make them